Introducing Kult Creators

Kult Creators launches in synchrony with the increasing ability fashion models have to showcase their artistry, build community and instil their personalities into brands’ desire to connect to audiences through those with bespoke social reach. The new division is an eclectic cadre of youthfully-spirited Australians who strike the nexus of art and multi-media communication to convey their personal experience with their audience.

As Kult Australia enters its fifth year part of a preeminent global agency group we have grown to know our talent for their artistic craftsmanship, unbridled passion and expertise in broad creative fields. As an agency, we sit in a unique position to have assembled an influential board of creators who both produce visual content and have extensive reach.
Brazen visual artists challenge our perception of reality. Graceful dancers mesmerise us through movement. Photographers traverse before and behind the lens to manifest thought into vision. Activists catalyse change. And yogis bring us ease and calm.

The Kult team is proud to highlight the uniqueness of our creators, elevate their profiles as artists and connect them to the brands who appreciate the fusion of their artistry with their products.


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